What is Fasleep?

Fasleep is a new advanced restful sleep solution made by plant-based melatonin by Korean physicians to relieve occasional sleeplessness and insomnia. These convenient quick-dissolving strips are gluten-free, drug-free, non-habit forming and have no side effects. Each strip is sealed in airtight portable packets for your convenience. Put it in your wallet or pocket and enjoy your sleep everywhere.

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Plant-based Melatonin

Formulated by Korean physicians

Drug-free & non-habit forming

Melt in Mouth & Quick Action

Individual Pack & Stay Fresh

Grab & Go Travel-friendly

Melatonin - The Sleep Hormone

Our plant-based melatonin is made from Oryza Sativa (Asian Rice). Triggered by the day and night cycle with the sunlight, our body’s natural clock generates signals that keep us awake at daytime and initiate the production of melatonin at night – the sleep hormone. Synthesized by the pineal gland, melatonin promotes sleep and then keeps transmitting signals that help us stay asleep through the night.


Each thin strip is designed to dissolve upon coming in contact with your saliva.

Active ingredients

Low Sugar

High Absorption

Precise Dosage

Quick Action


How Fasleep Works?

Micronized Molecules

Micronized technology extracts essential plant-based ingredients and converts them into tiny molecules.

Sublingual Delivery

Unlike a pill or a gummy, strip never reaches your gut. None of the formulations disintegrates due to your stomach acid or digestive enzymes, leading to better absorption.

Directly to Bloodstream

Absorption via oral membranes has been proven to have way better permeability. The body absorbs the nutrients almost immediately, resulting in quick action and instant impact.

Why Melatonin Strips?

Strips Vs Other Dosage

Other than the common Melatonin types, Fasleep strips 'melt' in contact with your tongue and directly into the bloodstream through saliva to ensure easy and complete absorption.

Absorbing Time

Melatonin breakdown through your digestive process and absorption via oral membranes. Since skipping the digestive system, these strips lead to a better active-ingredients absorbing rate and fast-acting.

For People

Have trouble falling asleep? Feel helpless to maintain 8 hours of deep sleep? Disturbed sleep caused by jet lag? Wake up feeling tired and feel lethargic throughout the day? Not anymore. Fasleep is the best solution to say good night!

No enough sleep time, sleep quality need improve

Travel frequently, need jet lag remedy

Occasional sleeplessness & insomnia

Exposed to blue light, Anxiety & Stress

Directions for Use

Step 1: Peel open the pouch of the strip.

Step 2: Take out the freshly strip.

Step 3: Place under the tongue and dissolve it.



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