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The Negative Effects of Alcohol on Your Sleep

Many of us have sleep issues, it’s something that we encounter from time to time, and it’s definitely a bit of a problem. Unfortunately, you don’t really have a lot of control over many things, but there are some actions you can take in order to sleep properly.

Establishing a proper sleep routine, adapting it to your needs and also making sure that you know what foods or drinks to avoid is a very good idea. Which makes you wonder, is it ok to drink alcohol before you sleep or not? Let’s find out.

Using alcohol to help you sleep

The truth is that alcohol is not a sleep aid, and trying to use it like that will only end up in disappointment. The reality is that if you drink before bed, then you will end up with REM sleep disruptions.

REM sleep happens 90 minutes after you fall asleep. This is when you actually dream, and it’s also the part of your sleep that should restore you some energy as well.

The downside here is that if you have disruptions during REM sleep, that can lead to issues. These issues range from poor concentration to drowsiness during the day, and constant sleepiness. Needless to say, alcohol has the potential to bring such disruptions, and it’s a good idea to avoid drinking before you go to sleep.

The Negative Effects of Alcohol on Your Sleep

Some people think that alcohol is a sleep aid, but that’ not true at all. The immediate effect for alcohol is to put you to sleep. But the problem is that alcohol doesn’t really take effect until the second part of your sleep pattern. So at the beginning you will feel great and sleep pretty well. However, during the second part of your sleep, alcohol kicks into the bloodstream. Needless to say, this becomes an issue that you really want to avoid.

The problem is that the more you drink before bed, the more powerful this disruption becomes and that’s exactly what you want to think about here.

A drink or two at most will be fine, although even here it depends on the nature of the drink. Knowing the situation and how to address it properly is super important, and it can make a huge difference if you manage it appropriately. That’s certainly a thing to think about all the time.

Should you drink alcohol before going to sleep?

The short answer is no, because it always affects your sleep in some way. Some people try it because they are tricked by alcohol thinking they sleep better.

Then they are the ones waking up in the middle of the night and it’s all this stuff that ends up being a problem.

The Negative Effects of Alcohol on Your Sleep

Addressing the situation, tackling it properly and making sure that you avoid drinking too much or at all is a very good idea.

Another thing to note is that most people tend to drink alcohol in the evening to unwind and relax. This is something that will negatively affect your sleep pattern and it’s something to avoid.

It might not seem like a whole lot, but once you prepare yourself and know how to manage the situation, it will definitely get better. We recommend avoiding any rush and making sure that you tackle such an issue with the utmost attention. Will it be a problem? Absolutely, that’s why keeping the amount of drinks under control is super important here, and it can make a difference.

What sleep habits can help counteract the negative effects of alcohol?

This mostly depends on a variety of factors. Believe it or not, but exercising a few hours before you go to sleep will actually help you sleep better, even if it might not seem like that at first.

Not only that, but aside from alcohol and caffeine you also want to avoid nicotine. These can lead to sleep disruptions and all kinds of problems that you don’t want to deal with.

As we mentioned earlier, having a sleep schedule is going to come in handy since you will sleep a whole lot better.

You also want to avoid sitting in bed or anything, just go to the bed when you really want to sleep. It ends up helping you more than you imagine.

The same thing can be said when it comes to the temperature. Keeping a cool temperature is actually ideal, since it prevents many issues, while still keeping the entire process under control.

What sleep issues are caused by alcohol consumption?

Alcohol consumption, especially during the evening, can lead to a large variety of sleep problems. One of the common issues would be a variety of breathing problems. Alcohol has sedative effects on the body, so it’s possible for the airways to close when you sleep. That alone can lead to issues such as sleep apnea.

The Negative Effects of Alcohol on Your Sleep

Another problem that can arise comes in the form of parasomnia or sleepwalking. This type of issue is definitely going to become a problem, and it’s certainly a thing to focus on all the time. And yes, we also have to talk about nightmares or vivid dreams.

These are severe problems that will cause a massive negative impact on your sleep, schedule, and how rested you are. When you drink quite a bit and then sleep, that can be very problematic and it has the potential to bring in severe issues. In doing so, nothing is impossible and the results can be second to none.


We recommend taking your time and making sure that you prevent any possible issues or problems that might arise.

There will always be problems when it comes to your sleep being affected by alcohol. That’s why not consuming a lot of alcohol before you go to sleep is super important.

Avoid any rush and make sure that you stick to just a couple of drinks, nothing too much. Over-reacting is not going to help, if anything it will bring in many challenges.

Take that into account and remember that the amount of drinks you have will indeed affect your sleep!


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