Fasleep Brand Story

All stories start in 2018

All stories about Fasleep start in 2018. HyeSung is an ordinary marketing manager, like every marketing guy, he has irregular working hours, frequent staying up all night, long-term business trips, resulting in unpredictable sleep schedules. Day after day, he has difficulty with falling asleep and insomnia occasionally. Traditional melatonin tablets and gummies can alleviate some of his sleep problems, however, long action time and not convenient to carry for business trips are still bothering him.

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Our technical team

Until the sublingual film technology was successfully developed, he finally saw a way to eradicate this problem. He found Dr. Tack-Soo and told him about his idea of making melatonin into the film-size strip with mouth dissolve technology, quick action, and grab & go enabled. Since they both had similar sleep disturbances, they hit it off. After two years of research, thousands of experiments and tests, and technical cooperation with top universities, Fasleep products were finally successfully launched.

My sleep aid is just in my pocket.



Everyone deserves to have a great dream, anytime, anywhere!

Dr. Tack-Soo, M.D.