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How to fall asleep with insomnia? Things You Can Try!

As insomniac patients find it difficult to fall asleep, two powerful mechanisms to fight against insomnia are building up a relaxing bedtime routine and a quiet & comfortable bedroom. These can make a huge difference in improving the quality of sleep.

As the initial step of a goodnight’s sleep, you have to turn your bedroom into a quiet, dark, and cool place. Noisy, too hot or too cold, uncomfortable mattresses and pillows always interrupt the good sleep.

If your bedroom is noisy, always try to use sound machines or earplugs to cut off the noise from the background. Also, curtains and eye masks help to reduce the disturbing lights. A fan, air conditioner or an opened window helps to improve the temperature of the bedroom.

Then you have to stick to a regular sleep schedule. Each and every person has a biological clock inside their body that determines the life cycle of the people.

How to fall asleep with insomnia? Things You Can Try!

Therefore supporting it by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day including weekends. Then the body gets into a sleep rhythm that helps to fall asleep with insomnia.

Also turning off all the screens at least an hour before bed is vital to have a quality sleep with insomnia because the blue light of the screens disrupts sleep.

Therefore instead of watching TV or phone switch to some other relaxing activity such as reading. Listening to soft relaxing music also helps to get quality sleep with insomnia.

Checking messages on social media, arguments with family just before bed is always disrupted by good sleep. Therefore always try to avoid such instances to have a proper sleep with insomnia.

Also, stop taking naps during the daytime because it disturbs the sleeping pattern of the body.

Taking too much of liquids before bed makes you to wake up at night to go to the bathroom. You must avoid drinking anything an hour before sleep and going to the bathroom just before bed can reduce the frequency of you waking up for urination at night.

Also avid taking alcohol and caffeine which interrupt continuous sleep. Taking alcohol and caffeine should be stopped at least six hour before sleep to ensure good sleep with insomnia.

Taking a warm bath by soaking in a tub with warm water also helps to get a good night’s sleep with insomnia.

Your clock can be a disturb for your sleep if you are suffering from insomnia. Turn off the clock or turn it the other way so that you don’t worry about the time. This helps in getting into sleep with insomnia.

Weighted blankets are pressure therapies for the body that create a calming effect. The ideal weighted blanket is 10% of your body weight so that it can apply enough pressure to make you calm and fall asleep though you suffer from insomnia.

How to fall asleep with insomnia? Things You Can Try!

Meditation is also a proven method to fall asleep for anybody it ensures a calm and quality sleep. Focusing on deep inhaling and exhaling is the easiest way of meditation and it has proven to beat insomnia and fall asleep.

There are some systemized methods to fall asleep with insomnia. One of them is the military method. It is a technique for muscle relaxation and mental visualization. In this method first lay down on your bed and slowly relax the muscles.

Begin with your face tense the muscles then allow them to loosen slowly. Take deep breaths. Repeat this process until your entire body feels at ease.

Visualize some calming scenarios such as lying in a canoe on a lake etc. This will lead to quality sleep even with insomnia.

Another technique is the 4-7-8 method. It is a traditional yoga technique. This helps to reduce anxiety. When you lie down on the bed, allow your tongue to relax behind your front teeth. Slowly exhale and empty your lungs.

Breathe in for four seconds hold the breath for seven seconds and exhale for eight seconds. Repeat this at least four times. This technique also helps to fall asleep with insomnia.

The medical scan is also a proven technique to fall asleep with insomnia. It is a check-in with yourself and your body that you can do by binging awareness to each part of your body.

Begin with your head and proceed to each part of your body until that part feels relaxed. This leads to a relaxed body and helps to fall asleep even with insomnia.

A night of good quality sleep is a must for a happy and successful life and it helps to improve your mental and physical health.

Therefore getting professional medical treatments for insomnia is vital for anybody and while taking the prescribed medicines you can always practice the above-mentioned habits and techniques to fall asleep and have quality sleep even with insomnia.

Before adopting the above techniques you must always seek medical advice to identify exact factors that leads you to insomnia.


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