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What You Need to Know About Night Terrors?

Night Terrors are usually encountered in the case of kids, and they are small episodes that can actually frighten your child.

It’s very tricky to know when to deal with these situations and also what exactly you can do. More often than not, it’s very difficult to actually do something, but it’s all a matter of understanding what leads to these episodes and what you can actually focus on.

When do Night Terrors appear?

As the name suggests, these are dark dreams and frightening situations that appear while your kid is sleeping during the night. It’s possible for these to appear during the day for babies too, since they are sleeping most of the day.

With that in mind, these Night Terrors aren’t really a major sign of concern. Kids are not accustomed to bad dreams or anything like that.

What You Need to Know About Night Terrors?

Understanding how to tackle the problem is super important, and that’s the thing to really take into consideration here.

Are Night Terrors a sign that your child has any underlying medical issue? No, these are not a sign of any medical problems. What Night Terrors show is that your child is actually frightened by some of the things that he dreamt. There are some reasons why Night Terrors appear though, and we will cover that later on in the article.

What leads to Night Terrors?

Most of the time, Night Terrors are caused by the central nervous system dealing with too much arousal. As we know, sleep usually takes place in multiple stages. During the REM stage is when we have our dreams and nightmares. However, Night Terrors appear during the deep sleep, which is after the REM stage.

These Night Terrors are not defined as a dream. Instead, they are more like a fear reaction. This appears when the child is transitioning from one sleep stage to the next one.

More often than not, these Night Terrors appear when your kid has 2-3 hours of sleep already. That’s when the child moves from the non REM deep stage of sleep to the REM sleep.

What You Need to Know About Night Terrors?

This transition tends to be smooth for all kids, but there are times when Night Terrors can appear. These fear reactions are normal, they can be frightening and scary, but then again it’s something you rarely have control over.

Signs of Night Terrors

The Night Terror signs varies quite a bit, and it depends on a huge range of factors. Your kid can end up scared and upset. He might even trash around in some cases.

There are also situations when the child is sweating profusely or even more, there’s a very fast heartbeat and breathing in place as well. Add to that the fact that your kid might even sit upright in the bed or shout things out, then you clearly know that there are some issues with Night Terrors.

What You Need to Know About Night Terrors?

Those are hard to identify right off the bat, but tackling them the right way is what will lead to the right outcome in the end. It’s not easy, but it will be something to focus on and think about as much as possible.

Are Night Terrors dangerous for kids?

These just cause fright and they are usually harmless. Of course, it all depends on your child and reactions as a whole. But for the most part, Night Terrors are not exactly that problematic and they will be quite ok. It’s important to understand the situation at hand and doing it right can indeed push the limits in a very engaging and empowering manner.

Is it a challenge to do that? That depends, but you don’t have to be alarmed if Night Terrors appear. If anything, they are a sign of normality, because every child will eventually have Night Terrors from time to time.

One of the things we need to realize here is that Night Terrors are not only encountered in the case of kids. If anything, anyone can have episodes like these. For example, if you had too much coffee during the day, that can be one of the effects.

The same thing can be said when you sleep in a new environment for example. If you lacked enough sleep during the night, took new medical products or you’re too tired, stressed or ill, that can easily become a problem.

Is there a treatment for Night Terrors?

Unfortunately there’s no real treatment or medicine you can use to fight Night Terrors. That doesn’t mean it’s not something you can control a little bit. One of the best things you can do is to try and reduce stress, as it does help quite a lot. Then you also want to focus on creating a great bed time routine, this is relaxing and very helpful.

Resting properly and having a good night’s sleep is one of those things that can help remove Night Terrors from your kid’s life or your life for that matter. Staying up too late can lead to Night Terrors too, so this is certainly one of the things that you want to avoid. And yes, you want to take breaks with your child to avoid making your child tired. This increases the amount of Night Terrors that you might end up dealing with. All these ideas can bring in great results. Yes, there’s no specific treatment and that becomes an issue, but handling it properly can still help.


As you can see, Night Terrors are quite problematic and you do need to try and take them under control. That doesn’t mean it will be simple to do, but managing them appropriately and knowing how to manage things can indeed help a lot. It’s definitely not an easy thing to achieve, but the tips and tricks listed above are indeed something to think about. Do that, and you will be more than happy with the benefits and approach being shared here. Yes, Night Terrors are a problem, but they won’t lead to medical issues, so there’s nothing to worry!


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