What Should You Do With Sleep Trouble Before Period?

If you are having difficulty sleeping during your period, there are several things you can do to get more restful sleep. First, take a cool shower and keep your bedroom cool. If you still struggle to sleep, you may want to consider taking hormonal contraceptives. These methods lower the fluctuations in your hormone levels, making sleep easier. You can also keep a sleep log, which you can refer to for reference.

Stress management

If you are having trouble sleeping before your period, you may be suffering from PMS, the hormonal imbalance that occurs before your period. Stress is one of the leading causes of lack of sleep, and it affects up to 44 percent of adults. Not only does not sleeping cause problems during your period, but it also makes you more stressed the next day. Thankfully, there are many strategies for managing stress and sleeping more soundly during your period.

One way to cope with stress is to learn to relax and practice breathing exercises. Stress can be caused by a variety of factors, including a major life event or an ongoing argument with a family member. It can also be triggered by minor irritations and other issues. A good way to learn to cope with stress is by establishing a positive support system. If you can’t sleep for any reason, try reducing the amount of time you spend in stressful situations.

Developing a sleep log

The first step in combating insomnia before the menstrual cycle is developing a sleep log. A sleep diary can help you identify if there is a relationship between the menstrual cycle and your sleeping patterns. The more you log your sleep, the more you will know about yourself. Your sleep log may reveal your main personality traits. If you find a clear relationship between the menstrual cycle and sleep, you can work on improving your quality of life during your cycle.