What Should You Do With Sleep Trouble Before Period?

what should you do with sleep trouble before period

If you’re having trouble sleeping before your period, you’re not alone. Women everywhere suffer from sleep disorders during this time of the month. A healthy weight and good diet can make sleep easier, and reducing your overall body weight is another way to improve your health and prevent insomnia. Listed below are some suggestions for reducing your PMS symptoms and improving your sleep. But if none of these ideas work for you, try some of these other tips:

Stress management

Among other things, stress can affect sleep quality. There are many methods to manage stress, from meditation to deep breathing. In extreme cases, you may need to seek medical help. In such cases, antidepressants and hormonal contraceptives may be prescribed. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may be helpful. This treatment focuses on changing one’s thoughts and behaviors. Listed below are some strategies to manage stress and get good night’s sleep.


There’s a link between physical activity and sleep. Exercise promotes sleep by increasing body temperature. The anterior hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating body temperature, encourages sleep before bedtime. Low-intensity exercise does not promote sleep. However, high-intensity exercise increases sleep duration and quality. Exercise can help women reduce their period-related sleep problems. Here are some exercises to try.

Practicing CBT-I can help

Many women are unable to get a good night’s sleep before their period. Practicing CBT-I can help. By identifying the causes of insomnia and working to change those causes, patients are more likely to avoid these problems in the future. Most of the time, sleep disturbances are caused by worry. A therapist can help patients to control their worry by helping them write down their concerns and approaches to each.

Practicing breathing techniques to help you fall asleep

Practicing breathing techniques before your period can be beneficial in many ways. These exercises help you relax and let go of energy, allowing you to fall asleep faster. You can use imagery to help you relax as well. You can visualize how you would feel if you could stop everything and just be. You can also visualize how it would feel if you were able to fall asleep before your period.

Avoiding overeating during menstruation

A woman’s body undergoes a variety of changes before her monthly period, causing her to have difficulty sleeping. Before her period, her hormones drop abruptly, making it difficult to relax and fall asleep. Progesterone levels increase to prepare her body for menstruation, while estrogen levels fall. While the latter has the opposite effect, it is still necessary to avoid overeating before bed.

Managing hormone levels

If you’re having trouble sleeping before your period, it could be due to low progesterone levels. This may also be the cause of mood swings and fluid retention. Managing hormone levels can help alleviate these symptoms. A healthy body weight is important to prevent sleep issues during the menstrual cycle. A regular brisk walk can also help alleviate symptoms. A balanced diet may also help you fall asleep without the hassles.