What to Do When You Are Unable to Sleep

what to do when you unable to sleep

If you can’t sleep, there are several things you can do. Try to relax before bed. Avoid technology and artificial light. If this doesn’t work, try journaling. And, don’t get your hopes up – there are plenty of sleep remedies online! Here are some more suggestions. Try these methods and you might be surprised at how fast you can get to sleep! And, don’t forget to check for nightmares – they can also disrupt your sleep patterns.

Avoiding artificial light

Generally, a person should avoid artificial light before sleeping. However, a few people may need to avoid the light for up to two hours before bedtime. Turning off electronics and e-books can help people get to sleep. In addition, phones and their charging lights should be turned off at least two hours before bedtime. Even drinking a cup of warm tea can help people sleep. But, if you have trouble sleeping, you should take the necessary steps to avoid artificial light.

Journaling before falling asleep

One way to fall asleep faster is by journaling before bed. Journaling is an effective stress-relief method that helps us identify and process negative thoughts and behaviors. In addition, journaling allows us to identify our own unique traits, allowing us to act and react in healthy ways. Managing stress positively can also help you sleep better at night. The act of journaling before sleep is called “sleep journaling,” and is different than a sleep diary or dream journal.

Addressing lifestyle factors

Aside from seeking medical advice for insomnia, you can also try addressing your lifestyle factors. While medications may provide short-term results, they can also increase mortality. Addressing lifestyle factors when you are unable to sleep is essential for the long-term health of both you and your body. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and strenuous physical activity before bedtime is crucial, as is avoiding late afternoon naps.